My Story



Born and raised in Colombia, I grew up surrounded by antiques and
fashion. Antiques taught me to revere the patina of time that
immortalizes objects. Through fashion, I developed a fascination for
textiles. The passing of time turned the search for beauty into a
sensory intuition, which manifests itself through feeling shapes and

In 2001, a magical encounter with some stones awakens my deepest
inner voice, and I discover the force of creativity through making.

The first necklaces are born.

Like Ariadne's thread, these take me to Jaipur, where I find my place
in the world. From semi-precious stones and the discovery of ancient
craft techniques, pieces of jewelry see the light of day in the intimacy
of my studio in Florida. One by one, they embark on their journey
around the world worn by women who identify with the Patricia
Arango lifestyle.